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September 1, 2014

Daniel Tiger Birthday Party

A little less than 4 months from now my sweet girl will turn 3! That means it's time to start thinking about her 3rd birthday party. I have asked her what kind of party she would like. Her answer: "A pink one". Hmmm. Even though her favorite color is now apparently purple, she wants a pink birthday party and that is the only request she has. We'll see what happens, haha!

I like to give her birthday parties, especially since her birthday is 2 days after Christmas, which means it could potentially get lost in the holiday shuffle. I want to make sure we celebrate her in the midst of all the other celebrations. Last year she got a Daniel Tiger birthday party, and honestly she'd probably love that again.  But I want to think of a new birthday party idea for this year. In the meantime, check out what I did for her last party and feel free to use any of the ideas for your own party!

I made the birthday invitation with free digital paper here and made sure to include some of Daniel's best catch phrases. I always just e-mail her invitations; so much cheaper and easier!

So if your kids watch Daniel Tiger, you probably know the episode where Daniel's mom gets mad because Daniel and Prince Wednesday bring sand in the house to make a beach. They decide instead to make a pretend inside beach and use blankets as sand and water. Jael LOVES that, so I surprised her by setting up her own birthday inside beach, complete with a blow up palm tree (leftover from college, haha). 
The birthday girl quietly playing on her inside beach, pretending to scoop sand in her buckets. 
For a party activity, we set out coloring sheets since coloring is still a favorite around here. PBS has some great ones for free here. We found sheets for each character, plus some with the characters in the trolley and everyone had fun coloring them.

Instead of cake, we did cupcakes again, just like her Sesame Street first birthday party. We just did Daniel face cupcakes. The ears are mini Nilla wafers, the eyes are Wilton eye candy pieces and the rest is just icing. I actually thought these were harder than the Sesame Street cupcakes because of the detailed parts that had to be done with the icing. But my little love was so excited when she saw them so that's all that matters!

We had pizza, opened gifts in the beach chair in her pretend inside beach, ran around and played with balloons for awhile and then called it a night. It was super simple, but with a few special touches, very special birthday party.

Any ideas for what I should do for her 3rd birthday?? Honestly, she'd probably like another Daniel Tiger party, as we still watch the show all the time! And she got to meet Daniel Tiger at the White House Easter Egg Roll this spring. But I think I'll try to think of something else new and exciting for her this year. :)

Meeting Daniel Tiger at the White House!

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