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February 4, 2013

Productive Day

Today has been pretty productive! My husband took a few days of vacation this week so we are trying to get some things done. We cleaned the office! It had become a dumping ground, but now it's back to being where we pay bills, where I work on my Thirty-One business, and where the dog sleeps. Well it was always where the dog sleeps, but lately he had been trying to get out almost every night. Maybe it was just too much for him. Sorry buddy, it's clean now.

I also got a little crafty today. I made the earrings to match the set I was commissioned to make, which you can see here. Here they are:

If you want some pretty jewelry handmade by me, go visit my Etsy shop, That's it. I'm going to go back to enjoying my day! Stay tuned for a fun Valentine's Day treat idea!

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