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February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Treat

Last week I attempted to make Valentine's Rice Krispies Treats... and it was a major fail. I think the marshmallows I used were too old. They weren't expired, but just not fresh enough I think. So, as promised, I tried again today with new marshmallows and they turned out fabulously.

Honestly I had never made Rice Krispies Treats until a few weeks ago. But they are super easy. Just use the recipe from the Rice Krispies website: Valentine Cut-Out Treats Recipe. I had some leftover cupcake frosting cans from my daughter's birthday cupcakes. (I'll probably post about her birthday soon because it was awesome!) They were super fun to make, and I took some to my little friend when I dropped her off at her gymnastics class today.

Of course I had to make black ones!

I think this one is the prettiest... and I want to eat it right now!

And then there's this handsome mustache heart man

I used some of the mini hearts to make little sandwiches. So tasty!
A few tips:
  • Butter! Butter the pan or cookies sheet that you put the Rice Krispies mixture on, butter your hands so they don't get sticky while you press it all down, and butter your cookie cutters. 
  • After you use your cookie cutters to cut out all the shapes you can, squish the leftovers together, much like you would if you were making sugar cookies. As tempting as it was to just eat it, I was actually able to get a bunch more hearts out of it after I squished it all together.
  • Make sure to eat them within a day or so because they lose their "krispie" pretty quickly.
If you're looking for a last minute Valentine's Day gift, check out the pretty jewelry and candles in my Etsy Shop, Rachel's Craft Trove. Happy Valentine's Day! (in two days)

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