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April 1, 2013


Hello blog, sorry for neglecting you! My life really is crazy, (or is it me who's crazy?) and I have been too busy to think of stuff to blog about. My husband was just in school for a month to become a Sergeant, so proud of him! And then it was his birthday, and doctor's appointments and errands and parties and Easter... whew.

But today I wanted to pick it back up with a post about awesome free t-shirts I got. I love free stuff. Who doesn't? But I think I love free stuff more than most. I am a member of the Crowdtap community. I have liked it ok so far, as far as survey sites go. But the best part, by far, is the free stuff I've gotten to sample and share. Now, it takes awhile before you'll get selected for these, but the more you participate the easier it will be.

I have gotten several sample and share opportunities, including two from Old Navy. Last time I got a free sweater. This time I got two free t-shirts! There are also always free things for your friends, so I gave a friend the other coupon for two free t-shirts.

This is what the most recent coupon looked like.

 I got two of the vintage tees, one in a dark grey and one in grey and white stripes.

Me in my new t-shirt, with a lego lady at Legoland.
They are super soft! I love the way they feel. And they are nice and loose, not too fitted. They are a bit sheer, especially in the lighter colors, and also a bit low cut so I wear a tank underneath. I am very happy with them! And the regular price isn't bad so I would definitely buy a few more.

I just got selected for another sample and share opportunity with Cottonelle and I'm getting a huge supply of toilet paper pretty soon, haha! If you're interested in joining, use this link:

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